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Feb 11, 2019

Hitomi & Kaho

After Shopping

You might have seen Hitomi and Kaho in rough action quite a lot of time. They barely have the chance to show their soft romantic side. Now enjoy these amazing adorable japanese goddesses caressing each others boobs the soft way. We don’t think viewers can stay soft that long

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Jan 24, 2019

Kata & Marie

2nd Milk

Katharina asked us not to be angry with her because she has less milk than after her first pregnancy. Luckily ,we cannot confirm a low amount of milk. Marie did her best to get huge fountains out of Kata’s filled to bursting milky jumbos. See on your own!


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Jan 07, 2019



If Lexy has no plans for a second child in the near future, we think that this clip will be the last one with her exploding milk fountains for a long time. Well, she was breastfeeding for quite a long time now and we must accept that at some time she wants to stop.


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Dec 25, 2018

Kaho Shibuya

Cosplay Cutie

If you hadn’t already enough sweets for christmas, here is someone sweeter as sugar. Mega Cutie Kaho Shibuya loves to play around with her soft yummy titties and gets some help from her new pinky vaccuum cleaner.


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Dec 08, 2018

Luna Amor & Mary

2nd Meeting

Despite the fact that Mary never had a lot of Milk, Luna Amor will not stop to lick, squeeze, suck and slap Marys tits until she got her desired portion of the sweet white juice. Her definition of " I'm loving it".


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Nov 25, 2018

Hitomi Tanaka

At Home

Try to imagine how wonderful life must be if you have Hitomi around all day long. How many male brains are thinking about this ? When she is in the room it is impossible to take your eyes off her. Follow her a few minutes at home and you will agree.


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Nov 06, 2018

Nadine & Maria

Cleaning Duo

This must have been one of the hottest days this summer when Maria and Nadine met for the first time. They were quite happy to refresh themselves with cold water during the shoot. Not sure if it was enough to get the heat out of the room.

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Oct 20, 2018



For her age Lana is quite relaxed in front of the camera. She seems to enjoy teasing very much. Maybe next time we just let her hold the lotion bottle. The rest seems to be too much work for small girls hands.

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Oct 03, 2018



Micky Bells is famous for producing nice special customized videoclips for her fans. For us it was a surprise that she never did a bondage video and it still is, considering the fact that she was so playfull with our classic gumband. Well, the preview photos tell a lot already.


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Sep 20, 2018

Lana M.


Here is Lana M. in her first video clip for nadine-j.  The fact that she just 20 years old gives us an idea how she will develope in the coming years. Unbelievable massive breasts ! We are sure she will have major success as a model if she makes the right steps at the right time in the right direction.


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Sep 05, 2018

Mary Selino

Going Out

It is not difficult to understand that Mary Selino is the big jaw-dropper in every night club. She prefers tight stretchy dresses and to avoid wearing those nursing pads, she prefers to get rid of the milk before leaving the house.


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Aug 20, 2018

Mara & Marie

Harp Lessons

We know that Marie is a real good piano player but it was new to us that she had intentions to take harp lessons. It looks like she was more interested in the teacher Maria B. than in the instrument. 


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